Its update your phone day

Both Microsoft and Apple are pushing out updates for their phones today. Apple is releasing an update to iOS 8, and Microsoft an update for its Developer Preview Program. Both updates are geared at bug fixes, although from early reports, Apple’s update seems to be creating at least as many problems as it fixes. iOS 8.0.1 appears to be affecting cell service and Touch ID, according to

Microsoft’s update, which hopefully is faring a little better in terms of fixing more than it breaks, offers “a bunch of performance improvements and general fixes”, according to a post on Blogging Windows. It also fixes a problem that some Windows Phone users experienced when trying to update their phones, the so called “80188308 error”, which wouldn’t allow phones to be updated due to storage space problems in the system partition. This latest build, 8.10.14176, should solve the update issue “for most users”, according to the post. The blog post has some more information if you’re still experiencing a storage error.

The Developer Preview update also carries a few more goodies:

We’re also pleased to announce that HTC devices (The HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S) will now be able to get the Windows Phone 8.1 Update with this new update.

Finally, we know that many of you Lumia users on Developer Preview have been patiently waiting for the Lumia Cyan update. We started delivering the Cyan update to a few Lumia devices a few weeks ago, and are targeting a whole lot more starting today. We’ll continue to add more Lumia devices every couple of days over the coming weeks until we bring everyone up to the latest.

If you’re an iPhone user, first, sorry about that, and you should probably remain standing and wait a bit to update to 8.0.1. If you’re on the Windows Phone Developer Preview, you can wait to be notified of the update, or go to Settings>Phone Update and check for updates.