Sneak peek at all new Windows 8.1 Mail, Calendar and People apps

Windows Mail, Calendar and People apps will get revamped and updated in Windows 8.1, though Microsoft doesn’t push out these new version apps in preview stage. During a last day Build 2013 session, Windows Mail app lead PM demoed the new version of Mail app. Now, we have more screenshots to share with you about all new Windows 8.1 Mail, Calendar and People apps.

Sneak Peek at all new Windows 8.1 Mail, Calendar and People apps

Windows 8.1 Mail app


We already saw some new improvements and features at the Build – new improved left sidebar, multi-window snap view, contact card with Skype chat button, and even features.


Windows 8.1 Mail app will also get side-by-side Snap View mode for composing email while reading another email.


Windows 8.1 People app


Windows 8.1 People app will have some design changes, which also includes search box within app and a new contact name filter control. Contact profile page in People app will get new design consistent to home screen.


Windows 8.1 Calendar app


Most Windows 8.1 Calendar app is unchanged yet, but we understand Microsoft will introduce a new view of calendar called “What’s Next”, looks similar to old Photos app home screen.


According to The Verge’s sources, Messaging app will be killed off and replaced by Skype app.

(via LiveSino)