A new History view from Bing

bing history boxIt looks like Bing.com has updated its History view sometime in the last week or so.  As usual, we’re never sure what has been widely updated and what is part of a local trial, but at least here, for this machine, we’ve got a new Search History.  As far as we can tell, Bing hasn’t announced anything, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear official word.  (Apparently this is the Bing version of Windows Phones’ “shut up and ship” – with Bing, it’s more like “ship and shut up”).  We noticed the new History yesterday and @CB_27 noticed it too (thanks for the tip, Chris!): a new, modern,  and touch friendly look to History:

bing new history

The new modern look provides instant clues to the nature of your recent searches, with blue boxes representing searches returning multiple results, media thumbnails when possible showing what images or videos you were searching for, or text searches featuring white on black representation of your search terms, and their results.

In addition, you’re now able to filter your searches by your Bing Login (we have Facebook and Microsoft accounts listed, as well as “This Computer).  You’re also able to quickly filter by date or type, as well as clear and/or turn off Search History altogether.  You can get to Bing Search History through a link on the Home page, or from the Bing Search Results page under “More”.

Are you seeing the new History?  What do you think of the new look, and is it easier for you?  Let us know if you’re getting the new History and what you think about it in the comments