Windows Phone Live is now “My Windows Phone”, with Microsoft Scrapbook

Microsoft just launched the “Mango” version of its portal, complete with a web-based Windows Phone Marketplace, as well as a re-branded Windows Phone Live experience – now called My Windows Phone.

My Windows Phone

The new portal still features the same functionality as the old Windows Phone Live, but with a fresh new design, and “Find My Phone” still provides the same functionalities: Map, Ring, Lock, Erase. What’s different is the “Account” link up the top, which allows you to:

Edit your Marketplace billing information. This is the credit card information used when you purchase music, apps, or games at Marketplace on your phone, in the Zune software, or on the web.

See your apps. On the Account page of My Phone, you can view your app purchase history and reinstall apps.

What’s also new is the Microsoft Scrapbook integration, powered by Bing:

Microsoft Scrapbook

Microsoft Scrapbook lets you see where you have recently checked-in using your Windows Phone device. Here’s a quick description of what it is:

See your check ins and keep track of your favorite locations – bars, restaurants, cafés and venues. Can’t remember the name of the restaurant you loved on your trip to New York? Scrapbook to the rescue.

Microsoft Scrapbook is personal to you, and we mean you, only. It has a nice metro-looking user interface, and integrates with Facebook and Foursquare (if that’s what you used to check in). You can also delete your check-in records permanently on Microsoft servers, with no option to undo. Do note that doing so only deletes them from Microsoft servers, those shared with Facebook or Foursquare aren’t deleted (obviously).

You can check out the new My Windows Phone portal now by going to