Hotmail, MSN, Office 365, sites down (… and back up again)

A number of Microsoft online services, including Hotmail, MSN, Office 365, and seemingly most if not all of * addresses are currently “experiencing an outage”.  MSN and Office 365 have already tweeted about it:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/MSN/status/112008273120595968″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Office365/status/112008132443648000″]

Omar Shahine, a SkyDrive Program Manager, has also just tweeted that SkyDrive, too is “currently experiencing … a service outage”, and the SkyDrive Twitter account just acknowledged the outage, too.

Some services, such as, report that Hotmail is up, and with the massive power outage suffered in the American Southwest, it may be that it’s more of an internet routing issue than problems with Hotmail, etc., themselves.

Of course, Google’s online services suffered a short outage yesterday as they were rolling out offline services for Google Docs, so maybe we can hope that this is all about new services coming to Windows Live! (we doubt it, though).

Or of course it could be something else entirely.

Hopefully it will be resolved soon, as well as the power outages.

Update: as of 9:30 (moments after we posted, of course), Hotmail is back up again, and MSN is too, although images aren’t loading correctly yet