Internet Explorer Mobile Test Drive site launched for Windows Phone “Mango”

Microsoft just announced on their Windows Phone Developer team blog that their Internet Explorer Test Drive website now has a mobile companion, available here, which seems to coincide nicely with the availability of Windows Phone "Mango" developer handsets sometime next week. This website is specifically designed for web developers who want to see how their websites will look in Internet Explorer 9 Mobile on Windows Phone "Mango", and if you don’t get your hands on the "Mango" developer handsets, you can always test it out using the emulator included in the Windows Phone 7.1 (beta) developer tools.

According to the blog post, the following 15 samples are initially available today, with more to be added leading up to the release of Windows Phone "Mango" and beyond:

  • IE9 Mobile Test DriveAudio Player (from MIX11)
  • Geolocation
  • Border Radius
  • DOM Local Storage
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • CSS3 Media Queries
  • DOMContentLoaded
  • FishIE Tank
  • Speed Reading (from MIX11)
  • Animated Text
  • HamsterDance Revolution
  • Business Charts
  • IE Logo
  • Video Panorama
  • Browser Control Theming

Try it out now at!