Bing tests Amazon Product Reviews, Yahoo! Answers in search results

One nice thing about Bing, you can learn a lot about what’s (potentially) coming next as features are tested in various regions and markets around the world.  We’ve seen early testing as far back as the Live Search home page image, and more recently we were able to catch a glimpse of the HTML5 enabled Bing website (although it STILL hasn’t launched!).

In the past few days, Pradeep over at has spotted a couple of new features, popups on the search results page showing reviews by or answers from Yahoo! Answers:

amazon reviews



The popups appear to show a quick synopsis of the review or answer, and as you can see the Yahoo! answers popup includes “Best answer”, “Other answers”, and “Full question”, all appearing to the right of an search result.

We’re not seeing these popups here, and like many other Bing features, without a Bing blog post it’s difficult to tell what is part of the full search experience and what is just a test.  Hopefully we’ll get more info soon.

Are you seeing any as-yet-unannounced Bing Features?  Let us know in the comments or you can always tip us at tips *at* liveside *dot* net!

(thanks Pradeep!)