WPDevPodcast reveals more new Mango features

Last week, (right after they interviewed Brandon Watson), the Lowdermilk boys over at WPDevPodcast posted on some new features for Windows Phone coming in Mango, including Bing Audio and Bing Visual.  Well, they’re at it again!

This time, they’ve got even more for us, as noted by Paul Thurrott over at Windows Phone Secrets (dang, we’ve got to get on this listening to podcasts thing, it’s catching on Winking smile). Up this time are not only Windows Live but Facebook Chat integration from the People hub, Group SMS messaging, SkyDrive integration into the Office Hub (yay!), and what looks like a complete reworking of the games hub:

games_1As noted by our friend Manan on Twitter, looks like no more Zune Marketplace:

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