Programming note: the one where we pull the post

vector_black-zipperSorry that circumstances beyond our control (read: busy at real jobs) kept us from posting on this earlier, but we’ve had some recent comments regarding a post that appeared on LiveSide last weekend and then was removed, and we wanted to make sure to clarify.

While we fully stand by both the information itself, and the methods we used to obtain it, we were asked through casual back channels to take down the post.  We did so originally just to review the issues involved, and then made a decision not to bother with re-posting.  Why?  Well, first of all, of course, Microsoft is apparently in quite a litigious mood lately (just kidding).  Really, however, the efforts it might have taken to defend our stance, as well as the potential to have to “reveal our sources” and methods to prove that we were in the right made it, to be honest, not worth the hassle.

We’re committed to bringing you the latest in Windows Live news, we plan on continuing to break news as we find it, and we’re looking in nooks and crannies as we speak, so don’t get too upset about losing one post.  As always, stay tuned!