New Samsung Focus ad: What if?

Picture 8487What if, indeed.  What if Microsoft and its partners started showing off some of the cool and unique features of Windows Phone, instead of allowing the conversation to be dominated by talk of failed updates?  What if Microsoft spokespeople were high-powered Microsoft executives instead of forum moderators working for cookies?  What if instead of being late ALL the time, Microsoft shipped something early for once?  Ahh, now you’ve gone and got us started…

Anyway, at least one of our hopes seems to have been answered.  Via WMPowerUser comes the new Samsung Focus from AT&T ad, a straightforward, tightly edited, quick and colorful ad that focuses on Windows Phones’ features, for once.  Here’s the ad:


In keeping with, for once, a positive spin on Windows Phone news, Microsoft today also announced that it was upping its limit for free app submissions for developers from 5 to 100.  Although the original low limit was meant to keep low quality free apps from proliferating the marketplace, developers weren’t too happy about it, and it’s good to see that it’s been upped.

We’re still waiting for some definitive word on the #updatefail problem of this past week.  Microsoft posted on the Windows Phone blog about the update, but didn’t deliver a fix, unfortunately.  We’re still waiting (and still waiting to see an update come to our Samsung Focus).

And oh yeah, Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone, on April 6.  Hopefully the Angry Updaters will have calmed down by then, and not flown the coop. 

So really, all in all, some good news for Windows Phone fans.  We’re a little grumpy about how poorly the whole Windows Phone updates fiasco has been handled (including the lateness and lameness of it all, not just the bricked phones problems), but we still really really like our Windows Phone.  We should be telling you Windows Phone Good News all the time, and it’s frustrating when we can’t.