The Top 10 Bullet Points on Microsoft-Nokia

As it’s the middle of the night here in Seattle, we’ll leave you for the night with a quick recap of the highlights of this momentous announcement by Nokia and Microsoft that they are forming a strategic partnership which will see Windows Phone as Nokia’s smartphone OS of choice moving forward:

  1. Microsoft and Nokia announced the partnership today, but the details have yet to be worked out, and no final agreement has been signed.
  2. No word on when we’ll see the first Nokia Windows Phone, but expect it sooner rather than later.
  3. Windows Phone will be the primary smartphone OS for Nokia.  Symbian will transition to Windows Phone, but will be phased out.
  4. Nokia will be making significant cuts in employment as it retools.
  5. Nokia’s QT development tools are out, to be replaced by the free Visual Studio/Windows Phone development ecosystem
  6. Nokia will use Bing for its search services.  Microsoft will continue, and expand use of Navteq mapping services
  7. Moving Windows Phone “downscale” (lower priced phones) is a big part of the strategy
  8. Nokia will remain in Finland
  9. Nokia chose Windows Phone over Android or staying in-house to be able to differentiate quickly and move into the North American market
  10. “This is a Three Horse Race”

Feel free to add to the list, or make changes, it’s 3 am here Winking smile