Bullet Points, the sequel: Next morning thoughts on Microsoft-Nokia

  • Well one thing is for sure, the US stock market isn’t too happy with Nokia’s decision to go Windows Phone.  After hours trading late last night showed NOK off some 7 points, and the stock is currently down 14.71%, to $9.28, and has been dropping all morning. (We have a stock widget in our sidebar, if you want a quick check on how the major US tech players are faring in the market)
  • The tech press doesn’t seem quite so negative, although they certainly aren’t sold.  Most seem to have already put both companies in the “not worth bothering with” category, as they continue to fawn over Apple and Android.
  • One thought on the significance of the deal: this isn’t about getting iPhone or Android users to switch, this is about getting non-smartphone users to get on board.  Nokia’s distribution channels, its brand awareness in emerging markets and countries like India, and its expertise in getting the most out of low end phone hardware, along with its desire to push Microsoft to make Windows Phone a great entry/low level OS will play what could be a much greater part in the future of smartphones than just what’s happening in today’s markets.
  • There is still far too much ambiguity in Nokia’s plans around what actually happens to MeeGo and Symbian, which may be fueling the reaction by the stock markets.  CEO Stephen Elop plans to split the company into two major pieces, one concentrating on smartphones, and one on mobile.  But what does that mean?  Is he hedging his bets?  The strategy needs refinement, or at least the PR around it does.

Lots more to come, we’re sure.  What are your first impressions of the Microsoft/Nokia deal?