New Golden Globe commercials: Will Windows Phone get the part?

This weekend marks the Golden Globe awards, film and television awards presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and marking the beginning of the entertainment awards “season”.  Bing and Windows Phone are getting in the act, and will show two commercials during the awards telecast.  Both feature young actors in an “actual casting call”.  The first, from Bing, is titled, appropriately, “Decision”:


Bing Golden Globes commercial: Decision

But it’s the Windows Phone branded commercial that’s a little more telling, it’s labeled “Commit”:


Windows Phone Golden Globes commercial: Commit

In the ad, young actors talk about their commitment, talking about all the hard work they put in, and ending with the tagline, “if you commit, the rest will follow”  (edit: fixed transcription error). In the spirit of young upstarts everywhere, Windows Phone is certainly hoping that’s true, especially in light of today’s news focusing on the upcoming battle between Android and Verizon’s iPhone, with Windows Phone getting barely a mention, and a new interview from Pocket-Lint with an LG executive calling the Windows Phone launch visibility “less than expected” even though LG remains committed to the platform:

LG has been closely collaborating with Microsoft from the beginning. What we feel is that it is absolutely perfect for a huge segment out there. What we feel is that some people believe that some operating systems, mainly Google, are extremely complicated for them. But Windows Phone 7 is very intuitive and easy to use.

Paul Thurrott then weighs in with some comments on the LG interview, and offers advice to Microsoft and Windows Phone, including calls for more transparency, moving more quickly to update the phone, better pricing (echoed by the LG exec), and for Windows Phone to “don’t be different, be better”, with a call for a relaunch of Windows Phone, saying that Apple relaunches iPhone every year.  We couldn’t agree more.