It’s official: full session SSL for Hotmail, more

We’ve been telling you about full session SSL coming for Hotmail, and today an announcement on the Inside Windows Live blog makes it official: full session SSL is available for Hotmail, although it won’t work if you use a either Windows Live Mail, the Outlook Hotmail Connector, or The Windows Live application for Windows Mobile (version 6.5 and earlier) and Symbian. You’ll still have SSL access via Hotmail, but these clients will throw errors and you won’t be able to connect to your SSL enabled Hotmail accounts through them.

In addition, Dick Craddock announced on the blog post today that from now on, SkyDrive, Calendar, Docs, and Devices will all be automatically SSL enabled:

Also starting today, SkyDrive, Photos, Docs, and Devices pages all automatically use SSL encryption, transferring all their data over HTTPS. By using a connection with advanced security features, you can be even more confident that your account is safer from hijackers, and your private information is less likely to fall into someone else’s hands.

He then goes on to hint that more security features are yet to come:

We’re constantly working to continue providing great security for our customers, so stay tuned.

Is this a big deal for you?  Have you enabled SSL for Hotmail?  Let us know in the comments.