Windows Live Activity Streams

This week Rob Dolin wrote up a good summary of Windows Live Activity Streams, the information you see on Windows Live Home, in the expanded Messenger window, and soon on Windows Phones. 

Today we added a “Share with Messenger” button to our posts, partly to try out the info in Rob’s post, and to let you try it out, too.  We used the simplest form of sharing, the Messenger “Badge” (working with our blog platform, Community Server, is always fun, but this is good for a start!).  With it you can share a post either via your Messenger status or in a Messenger conversation, just click on the link, sign in, and share:


Here are some links to more info on Activity Streams

Rob Dolin’s post – Windows Live And Activity Streams

Messenger Connect overview Connect With Windows Live on MSDN

The Messenger Connect Badge Messenger Connect Sharing

More from MSDN: Activating a Web Activity Stream

We’ve also added a poll (in our sidebar at to get a feeling for how much attention you pay to Activity Streams.  Do you like them?  Do you use them?

We’re interested to hear what you think about Activity Streams.  Take the poll (you can vote for up to two choices) and leave us a comment.

(We also added a “Tweet” button, just for fun, which uses our custom Pro URL shortener, you’ll find it on the individual blog post pages, along with a Messenger Badge)