Zune Pass coming to UK soon?

Thanks to tipster Greg, who has managed to sign up for a trial subscription to Zune Pass in the UK (although it doesn’t work yet), it looks like the “all you can eat” service may be coming soon to the UK:

zunepass (2)

Along with the Trial Pass option, it looks like Zune Pass in the UK will cost £8.99/mo, with a 3 mo. subscription costing £26.97/mo.

While we have lots of LiveSide friends in the UK, we haven’t accessed the Zune UK site to see if there are any more details.  Microsoft is planning to offer Zune services “at launch” for Windows Phone 7 devices, although details, such as whether or not the Zune Pass would be available outside the US, have been scarce.

Are you in the UK?  Any more details on Zune or Zune Pass upgrades?