More on Messenger Connect

Angus Logan, Sr. Technical Product Manager for Messenger Connect, has been busy today sharing lots of information about the new set of APIs that allow developers to interact with Messenger and Windows Live.  In a blog post on Inside Windows Live, Angus lays out an overview of Messenger Connect, and he also spent some time on Channel 9 with Larry Larsen:

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On his own blog, Angus points to four Windows Team blog posts on Messenger Connect:

  • Developing with Messenger Connect
  • Identity – makes it easy for users to sign in and sign up to your web site using their Windows Live ID
  • Social distribution – lets users share the things they do on your website with their friends. Activities appear in Messenger, Hotmail, and across Windows Live properties, and other places Messenger social is displayed (including Windows Phone 7 and the very popular Windows Live Messenger iPhone app)
  • Realtime shared experiences – lets users share an experience in real time with their friends
  • We also posted on Messenger Connect last week, and you can play with the Interactive SDK at, and sign up for the limited beta.