New version of ICE available

Earlier today we told you that Photosynth panoramas now show up in the Photosynth Map App on Bing Maps if you geotag them. The program with which you make these panoramas, ICE, just got an update today.

Most of the bug fixes and changes in this version were based on feedback from users. The following list is given:

  • Photoshop layers are back as an output option. We have also added support for the Adobe Large Document Format (PSB), so there is effectively no longer a resolution limit when exporting to Photoshop.  Finally we’ve given users more control over the compatibility mode for PSD/PSB.
  • We’ve fixed most of the top issues reported on the forum. Thanks to everyone who shared their problematic photos with us.
  • We’ve enabled more of the stitching process to use multi-core, so your stitching projects should now run even faster.
  • The ‘jaggies’ on the panorama borders are gone.
  • We’ve added support for WIC codecs installed on your PC. This means that if you’ve installed a RAW codec from your camera manufacturer, then ICE can directly stitch your RAW images.

You can get the update here.