MIX10 – Day 1

0647.mix_5F00_thumb_5F00_499AFC80[1] The first day of MIX10 is behind us. For those of you who’ve missed it (like myself), the full video of the Day 1 keynote is available on demand now! Let’s take a look at what went on on Day 1!

Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Application development

The keynote was all about Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 application development. By combining Silverlight features for rich application development and the XNA Framework for games, Windows Phone 7 Series empowers millions of developers and designers to build visually stunning and immersive applications and games, while taking advantage of device-specific capabilities.

Specifically, developers will be able to take advantage of the following features:

– Accelerometer, an intuitive control that responds to motion
– A Microsoft Location Service to provide developers with a single point of reference to acquire location information
– Microsoft Notification Service for pushing information to the phone, regardless of whether or not an application is running
– Hardware-accelerated video with digital rights management (DRM)
– Internet Information Services Smooth Streaming for the industry’s highest quality content viewing experience
– Multitouch
– Camera and microphone support

Several tools and resources became available to developers:

Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework v1.1 (media player for IIS Smooth Streaming)
Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP, containing Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone CTP, Windows Phone Emulator CTP, Silverlight for Windows Phone CTP and XNA 4.0 Game Studio CTP
Expression Blend 4 Beta
The Windows Phone Developer Training Kit
Get Started with Silverlight 4 (RC now available)
Learn about Silverlight for Windows Phone

Also announced is that Pivot is coming as a control to Silverlight this summer. We’ve already been playing with Pivot, check out our little side project!

Microsoft showed how developers and designers will be able to bring applications and games to market with a new Windows Phone Marketplace. As deployment of those applications will be limited to only the Marketplace, some concerns arose. Long Zheng spoke with a Microsoft representative to clear some of these up. Criteria for WP7S developers will be published by Microsoft and Microsoft states if applications “meet the criteria” they won’t deny any applications on subjective grounds. The Marketplace will allow private distributions of applications to support both beta and enterprise scenarios later this spring. The Microsoft representative also hinted at a method to “unlock” Windows Phone 7 Series devices, although not easily, but presumed will allow loading applications using a USB cable.

News Press Release – Microsoft Outlines New Opportunities at MIX10 for Developers to Create Compelling Experiences
News Press Release – Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Tools Roll Out at MIX10

Microsoft Translator

But that’s not all that happened on Day 1! There was also news from Microsoft Translator!

Microsoft is pleased to announce, the availability of the Collaborative Translations Framework – a technology that combines the scale and speed of automatic machine translation with the accuracy and context awareness of human translation. At MIX 2010, we are announcing the latest version of our translation API (v2) and built on top of that, a new version of the pioneering translator widget that we released a year ago.  In addition to bringing real-time, in-place translations to your web site, the Microsoft Translator web page widget v2 adds collaborative features that help tailor the translations delivered to fit your site. 

In addition to the collaborative features powered by the Collaborative Translations Framework, the V2 of the Microsoft Translator API includes a “batch” interface to translate large amounts of data, support for communicating with the service securely via SSL and the addition of “Translate-and-Speak” – a text-to-speech functionality. We are also adding an enhancement to our Bing Translator user site, where you can use the “Translate-and-Speak” functionality whenever you translate into one of the supported languages.

So what exactly got announced?

1) A simple to adopt, highly customizable widget that site owners and webmasters can place on any webpage – and it not only helps to instantly make the page available in multiple languages, it also allows the owners with the help of their community or professional translators to tailor the the translations to their site’s content.

2) A broad set of powerful translation APIs in SOAP, HTTP and AJAX flavors so that developers can pick the best one to fit their requirement. Functionality includes language detection, single and batch translation, collaborative translations and text to speech. All you need to get started is a Bing Developer AppID. In addition, the Microsoft Translator Silverlight control for translation will be available as part of the Silverlight toolkit.

3) An update to Bing Translator translation service, which adds the “Translate-and-Speak” functionality for a set of languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian). Perform a translation on the site and you will notice a speaker icon to click on to hear it spoken.

The Widget is for anyone with a web page. If you can paste a small snippet of code into your page, you will be able to display the widget to your audience. Each MIX 2010 attendee got an exclusive invite code in their attendee bag to enable Collaborative Translations features in their widget. If you are not attending MIX, you can still get a widget for your site, and add yourself to the Collaborative Translations feature invite list. Invites will be sent out as soon as some more become available.

Pre-MIX10, the team already told about the decal they’ve put in the goodie bag MIX10 attendees get, and made the design for that available to everybody as desktop wallpaper in two versions, a light blue and a dark blue version.
dark light
Downloads Dark: 1920×1080 /1440×900 Light: 1920×1080 / 1440×900

Collaborative Translations: Announcing the next version of Microsoft Translator technology – V2 APIs and widget

So far day 1, if I forgot something feel free to let us know in the comments below! Already excited for Day 2?

Day 2 will start in a few hours, and just like yesterday we’ll have a liveblog up again bringing you the news as it happens.