New from Live Labs: Pivot

pivotlogo I got called a namedropper on Twitter today for my earlier Day 1 post, but really we think of our readers as being the reason we’re here, and it’s because of you that we’re able to get to do this cool stuff.

We’ll have a bit more later on the PDC in general, but at the risk of being called a namedropper again, today I had a chance to spend 20 minutes with Dr. Gary Flake of Live Labs, and got a personal demo of the project they’ve been working on for the past year, Pivot:

Here at Live Labs we’re all about experiments, and Pivot is our most ambitious to date. Pivot makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun. We tried to step back and design an interaction model that accommodates the complexity and scale of information rather than the traditional structure of the Web.

You need an invite code to get into the preview, and thanks to Gary Flake and Microsoft, we’re going to put up some codes on our Twitter account for you.  Of course we want to be a bit sneaky about it, so we won’t hashtag the codes or anything, you’ll need to know to look on our Twitter feed to find the codes. Each code is good for 10 installs, so be nice and use one and leave the others for other LiveSide readers, please.  I’ll put the first code up shortly (we have 4 codes to give away, 40 installs total), and more as I get time in the next day or so.  Remember, the first 10 installs win!

You can learn more about Pivot and watch a video with Gary Flake describing the latest Live Labs project at, and we’ll have a review up soon, too.  Have fun, and thanks for reading LiveSide (and following us on Twitter)!