Favorites sync temporarily turned off on Windows Live Toolbar

Due to some glitches with Windows Live Toolbar’s favorites syncing, several users reported that their browser’s favorites have disappeared as a result. The Toolbar team has responded by posting the following announcement:

We’ve heard from some customers in the last 24 hours that in some cases, favorites have been removed from the Toolbar when they synced from one or more of their PCs. We have investigated, and we want to assure you, that if this is occurring for you, your favorites are still available on SkyDrive. We apologize for this inconvenience and are diligently working on a fix to restore favorites from SkyDrive to your PC.

In order to prevent any further issues with favorites sync from Toolbar, we have temporarily disabled syncing of favorites for ALL Toolbar customers until we have a fix ready.

In the mean time, you can still access all your favorites on Windows Live SkyDrive by accessing http://favorites.live.com. Alternatively, you can also recover your favorites from the Recycle Bin on the PC where they were removed.

We’ll keep you updated when this issue has been fixed!