It’s Windows 7 Day!

Balloons_by_wisseh Just wanted to say congratulations to Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Live on the launch of Windows 7.  We’ve been using Windows 7 since PDC last year (well since Longhorn 4051, really), are truly excited both about the stability and quality of Windows 7 and about the opportunities it presents for Windows Live, now firmly a part of Windows, and firmly entrenched on the right side of the freeway in Building 88. 

We have a number of friends at the launch party in New York in the morning (Hi Chris P., Tom W., Sean, Rich, Bryant, Paul, Ed, Mary Jo!), and will be a little sorry not to be there.  Thanks to another friend, Brandon LeBlanc, we’ll be able to watch the festivities live, starting at 8am Pacific.  We’ll be there in spirit!  (By the way if you’re looking for a good deal on Windows 7 hardware, sounds like now is a good time to shop!)

We’ll be watching the Windows 7 feed, too

Anyway, congratulations, Microsoft!  From the opening bell on, it should be a great day!