Our latest poll: Do you Bing?

(Well we spent an eventful morning deleting hundreds of new user accounts that were created solely to fill their bios with spam links.  We’ve set our new user creation to Admin Approval for now, which is less than optimal, we know.  If you had created a legitimate user account recently and find it’s gone, our apologies.  Until we get this nailed down, afraid you will have to wait for admin approval if you want to join LiveSide and leave a comment, sorry.)

(UPDATE: Sorry, some group of jerkwads have added our name to a list where a bunch of losers get paid to insert spam links into unsuspecting websites like ours.  Today I disapproved another 50 or so requests, and have had to shut down new user applications for the time being.  Obviously this is less than optimal, and we’re working through our options.  Our apologies to our legitimate new readers, we’ll get this sorted out soon.)

But enough about us.  Whether Bing is gaining market share or not, there’s no doubt it’s creating a bit of a buzz.  According to a video blog post by Bing guy Stefan Weitz, there may be more Bing news coming soon, too.  So do you use Bing?  Take our poll (no need to log in this time) and voice your vote.