Photosynth Turns One Year Old

It’s been over a year since launched. The team has written a massive article with the highlights of this past year. Now we’re not going to put them all here, for that you can read their article, but here are some statistics:


synths created


photos synthed and uploaded


3D points in all point clouds combined (15.6 billion)


number of floating point operations performed in all computations (26 quadrillion)


peak simultaneous FLOPs of all computations (8.9 GigaFLOPs)


peak synths viewed per day

Figures are accurate to within a few percent, with the exception of the FLOPs number which is only accurate to an order of magnitude.

So what’s in store for the future? The team is working on a Silverlight 3-based viewer that will be released in the fall. This promises even greater quality when viewing! There also will be integration with Bing Maps:

Our commercial Photosynth licensing announcement in May confirmed what was rumored before — that Photosynth had graduated out of Live Labs to become part of  Virtual Earth. For individuals and businesses, synths are becoming an important way to document the places they care about. Those places all live on a map, and what our customers have been asking for is to make this connection both obvious and magical. We’re working on it!

Besides these two they have a whole laundry list of feature ideas the community has been asking for. One of them is to make synth viewing a more understandable, easier to use, experience. Now how they are going to make it even more easy is beyond us, but hey we’ll see…

From us here at LiveSide: Happy Birthday Photosynth!

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