BuddyFuse Web Messenger

BuddyFuseWeb Remember BuddyFuse, the extension to Windows Live Messenger that integrates third party (social/IM) networks into Windows Live Messenger? Well, they did it again. As we all know MSN Web Messenger retired on June 30th and you can only access its replacement, Windows Live Web Messenger, through Hotmail. So for those in need of a standalone web messenger they created BuddyFuse Web Messenger!

This early preview version of BuddyFuse Web Messenger is hosted on Windows Azure and enables you to chat with your friends on the Windows Live Messenger (MSN) chat network from your web browser. Support for other networks is planned for the future. You need not worry about your privacy either. Where other web messengers ask for their users’ personal information, such as username and password, with BuddyFuse Web Messenger you submit this information directly to Microsoft as it makes use of the Windows Live Messenger library, which is part of the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit.

Besides Azure and the Windows Live Messenger Toolkit (library + UI controls), ExtJS javascript library is also used for the front-end.

As mentioned already this is an early preview version, so you might come across things that aren’t working perfectly yet (though the ones I came across have all been fixed already). For that there is the Feedback Button, so you can submit any feedback you may have right from the website.
BuddyFuse Web Messenger is available in English and Dutch. You can even switch between languages, if you wish to do so, by clicking the flag in the upper left.