A Bit Of Twitter In Bing

BingLogo_5F00_4E99D7F6[1] The Bing team is bringing a bit of Twitter to Bing search results. Not indexing all of Twitter at this time… just a small set of prominent and prolific Twitterers (a few thousand) to start. This includes Tweets from folks from Microsoft’s own search technology and business sphere like Danny Sullivan or Kara Swisher as well as those from spheres of more general consumer appeal like Al Gore or Ryan Seacrest. The choice who to add was based primarily on follower count and volume of tweets. Did your blog (or you personally) get in? Only way to find out is to try!

How? Of course we want to find out if LiveSide got added so we type in “@liveside” as search query and lookie here, our last two tweets appear in the search results:
So we got added, yay! Also notice the See more tweets link there. Another way to get these results is by typing “liveside twitter” or “liveside tweets” (don’t worry about using caps) as search query.

According to the post on Bing search blog this feature will roll out gradually, so you may not see it right away. That might explain the lil’ glitches I experienced whilst doing a search on our own, on first try only “@liveside” gave the results but after trying the other two search queries for several times those started to work too, they didn’t initially. Currently this only works if you have Bing set to United States, hopefully this will roll out to other markets as well.

Speaking about Twitter, you can follow the Bing team here and of course you were already following us, right?