Bing Toolbox

Are you a webmaster, a publisher, a developer or maybe an advertiser? Now you can find everything Bing you need at the Bing Toolbox.
As you can see in the screenshot above (click to enlarge), you can submit your domain URL and sitemap to Bing directly. Furthermore you can get a Bing AppID there or go to the PowerToys. Of course you can also see your managed sites and find other useful links there.

You may even want to check back regularly there as you an see the latest news and announcements are there too! So forget all about these separate URLs and go to the Bing Toolbox to find it all!

This is the team’s first effort and they will be building out the site with new content and updated tools as they become available. Got Feedback? Leave it at the forums 😉

Bing Webmaster Blog – New tools for webmasters in the Bing Toolbox