Oh dear, there IS a Club Bing

ClubBing Well the rebrand is thorough, we’ll say that.  Live Search Club has been renamed to Club Bing, with the highly unfortunate url of www.clubbing.com (just please no baby seal games, mmmkay?).  The “club”, basically a blatant attempt to drive up search share numbers (and ok, perhaps introduce Microsoft’s search to new users), captured as much as 2.6% of all US search share last summer according to numbers from Compete.com.  For those of you worried about getting your fix of those crazy birds on Chicktionary (try backspacing sometime, it’s fun!), rest easy.  According to an email sent out announcing Club Bing:

While you’ve been using Live Search, we’ve been behind the scenes working on something new called Bing™. We’ve even added the power of Bing to the Live Search Club, renaming it Club Bing. The first time you visit Club Bing you will need to enter your username and password again.