Flight Status From Live.com

Ian Moulster posted about a handy feature in Live Search: flight status. Flight status? Yea, as long as you know the flight number you can enter it on Live Search and the status will be shown right below the sponsored sites. As example we took the British Airways 10, ba10:


Cool huh? You can even track the flight in real time (currently only available for flights originating or arriving within the United States, Canada and Europe), via FlightStats.com, by clicking the “Track this flight in real time” link. As you can see in the screenshot above the data is provided by Farecast, which was acquired by Microsoft and integrated into Live Search last year.FareCastPred

Farecast can be used to find and determine when to buy airline tickets for a specific trip at the best price. It tells you if the current price is a good one by predicting if the price will go up or down later on. See the Farecast DEMO by Satya Nadella at Advance08, or Steven Weitz’s explanation here.

Unfortunately the predictions are only available from most major US and Canadian cities, so it’s pretty pointless to use it for searching flights if you live anywhere else. But hey, it’s still in beta….

Back to Flight Status: as with any feature on Live Search, “Flight Status” may or may not work in your country. Let us know if it works for you.