Help improve Live Mesh!

The Live Mesh Team is already gathering feedback on Live Mesh forums, Live Mesh Blog and Microsoft Connect, but there are more ways to collect feedback. In their constant search for feedback, the Live Mesh Team is now asking you to help them improve Live Mesh by providing them with feedback through:

1. An online Customer Satisfaction Survey
This will only take a few minutes of your time: Customer Satisfaction Survey

2. Anonymous data collection
One of the best tools for improving Live Mesh is anonymously collecting statistics on how Live Mesh is behaving on each of your devices. With this tool the Live Mesh Team can monitor a variety of data points, such as the frequency of errors, typical network settings, and the reliability of sync. The data will be anonymously uploaded to a central server after which the team can aggregate the results across all of the users who choose to participate.

Because this feature sends some data about your devices to Microsoft, it is disabled by default. To turn on this option, click the Live Mesh icon in the notification area of your Windows taskbar and click your user name. Then, click Options, select the checkbox next to “Help us improve Live Mesh…,” and click OK.
[P.S.: The Send Feedback on top right is because I’m on Windows 7]

Learn more about this tool.

Your help is greatly appreciated!