Photosynth: First Update

Photosynth, launched 8 days ago, got its first update:

  • Some improvement on the upload problems. If you’ve been upload errors or the dreaded "stuck in publishing" problem, you should know that we’ve been working very hard on these issues this week, and we’ve released a partial fix tonight. "Stuck in publishing" should be gone — or much less frequent — and we’ve added diagnostics to our servers to throw light on the remaining issues. Next week, we’re going to do our best to get to the bottom of them.
  • A better quality "Recently Synthed" view
    We’re not showing synths with very low synthiness scores.They’re no fun!
  • We made the "Report Abuse" button more prominent. If you saw something inappropriate on the site it wasn’t obvious how to report it.There’s now an easy to recognize icon alongside the words "Report Abuse" just to the right of the synth as you view it.
  • We made Photosynth work on IE8 Beta2. Give it a try!
  • We fixed some problems with the About page. All the info on our About page is now properly accessible.
  • We changed our featured synths on the front page. Check them out.
  • We’ve saved your printer cartridge As gypsyviking360 pointed out, our page design with the dark stripes across the top and bottom of the page really sucked ink. Check out our new printer-friendly version.

All back-end and site improvements, the viewer and app are still the same. Nothing wrong with those anyway. There will be another update as soon as they found a fix for the remaining upload problems. Not experiencing any problems with it myself, go ahead and give it a go.

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(Apologies for the seemingly double post here, we encountered one of those technical hiccups I’m always hearing about Winking Smilie)