Join the Angus Logan Fan Club

Angus Apparently our pal Angus spends so much time working and gets so little love that he’s been reduced to starting his own fan club.  He can’t even get any love from cool new Cuil.  (We’re even mean to him here at LiveSide, although he was kinda harsh about it).  We kinda feel sorry for the guy, even though he kicked butt at TechReady, and except for another kick-ass speech by Ray Ozzie, sounds like poor Angus might have stolen the show.   But the good news is that PDC sounds like it’s going to be great, and by then Angus may even have a fan or two! I love, I hate, I believe was a theme of Ozzie’s speech, and he had the Softies wowing and  believing, even asking “Bill, who?”.  So if you have a Facebook account, give our friend Angus a little love, willya?  He needs all the love he can get, poor guy.



(c’mon, who wouldn’t be a fan?)