Back up and running

Apologies for the downtime, we’ve been down the last 17 hours or so, due to problems at our webhost.  Pretty frustrating, really, and we’re exploring our options (know a good web host? – leave a comment).  Glad to be back up, though.  Apparently the rumor mill was swirling in our absence, although other than propping up Yahoo!s stock, there seems to be little news of substance, at least not yet.

Sorry, too, to have missed a nice mention by Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI, to whom Bill Gates confirmed Windows Movie Maker “as a part of Windows Live” and linked our reporting of that news here back on March 27.  Watching some of the retrospectives we realized how much we’re going to miss Bill Gates, but at the same time can’t wait to see where Ray Ozzie takes Microsoft, and Windows Live.

Hopefully, we’ll remain online (with what we pay for our server we should never go down, but hey), but if not, there’s always Twitter: