LiveSide Stickers Giveaway

OK so you guys rock.  Thanks for all the help on getting LiveSide Wave 3.x going, and for all your input.  We love feedback, we love tips, and we really appreciate all the comments and suggestions.  Keep it up!

One of our readers, Daniel Ordonez, even went so far as to work with us on a new logo design.  We liked it so much we printed up some laptop stickers, and now it’s time to give some away!


The stickers, made by Lightning Labels (who did a great job, btw: good quality, good price, fast personal service, highly recommended) are 2″ x 4″, with the LiveSide logo on a white vinyl background.  Be sure to mention if you are looking for a good source of labels!

So since you all have been so good to us, we decided to skip the bother of self addressed envelopes and such.  So for our members, we’re just going to give them away. Send an email to kip*at*liveside*dot*net with “Stickers, I want some!” in the subject line, include your member name, a mailing address where we can send them, and we’ll send you a pair of stickers. If you REALLY want more, then let us know in the email and we’ll consider it.

NOTE: We will be using these addresses (email and physical) for sending the stickers out ONLY.  We won’t be keeping the emails, any personal information, or signing you up for any spam or stalking your house.  We may keep track of what city you’re from, but only as a way to create a Live Maps Collection of where all the stickers went.  If you are overly concerned about this, however, I guess you don’t get any stickers.  But really, we will be very careful with your information, and will delete it as soon as we send out the stickers. This is not an attempt to gather any personal information, we just had a crapload of stickers printed up and we want to make it as easy for you to share the LiveSide love as we can.

So, to get your LiveSide stickers:

  1. Email to kip*at*liveside*dot*net
  2. use “Stickers, I want some!” in the subject line
  3. Include your member name (if you haven’t yet, you can Join Here)
  4. Update: Include a real name, please.  I don’t think the post office will know your LiveSide user name!
  5. Don’t forget a mailing address where we can send the stickers (2 each, unless you are good at begging)
  6. Your personal information will not be used for any other purposes
  7. Wait a bit, we’re not sending them out overnight express, fergawdsakes.

This is a limited time offer.  (Offer has ended, sorry)  We want you to have some stickers, but we won’t be doing this for long.  If you want stickers, email now!

Update: This is a worldwide offer :).  The postage is probably gonna kill me, but what the hey.  Our readership is worldwide, so of course we want worldwide LiveSide sticker coverage!