Windows Live at MGX

With all the fuss about a “leaked” powerpoint from the MGX conference (that gives a tentative date for Windows 7 of 2010,) you’d be forgiven for missing the few points made relating to Windows Live. Here’s a couple of blog posts that caught our eye.

  • Ray Ozzie gave a keynote and showed again that he “‘gets’ what it means to be a software+services company.” Windows Live Core, roaming profiles, datacenters, the list of what he may or may not have talked about goes on. (link)
  • Datacenters! Datacenters! Datacenters! Did we mention the importance of datacenters? (link)
  • The Windows Live sessions were full. Someone must have done a really good job. (link)
  • More love for Windows Live (link)

Sounds like those softies were getting excited about something; to bad nobody leaked a Search 2.0 powerpoint. Here’s hoping Ozzie speaks again at the Financial Analysts Meeting which takes place later this week.