Soapbox Update

A post on the Soapbox Team Blog has alerted users that a change is coming as the Soapbox site goes down for a couple of hours whilst they make some changes to both the front end and the back end of the service.

We have taken all of your feedback into account and spent the last few months redesigning and upgrading, both the frontend and backend of the service.

So this means that whilst they are doing all this, none of the embedded videos or gadgets will work. In the meantime, what are they doing with UI? Well, basically, this:

The whole menu system has had a massive facelift, and now works in the same way you might expect a Windows application menu would work:

Browse Videos






The update also includes a new feature allowing you to create and share playlists. Each time you watch a video it is automatically added to your playlist which can be viewed from within the player:

Everything else about the service seems to be the same, just using the new colour scheme, with presumably some improved reliability with the backend being changed, we will find out more for that when the update goes live.

Given that MSN has been moving towards a more unified UI, it would make sense for MSN Video to reflect these new changes, so will we see any changes in this direction from