– Do you get it?

windowslivelogo.gifSome much needed discussion around, performance, usability, and focus is taking place around the net – started by a post from Rick Strahl he calls " – I don't get it". Ken Levy, Product Planner for Windows Live, picked up on it, sent it off to Scott Isaacs, who then posted on What we learned building (or why are we slow)?.

OK Scott can lose you pretty quick if you aren't a developer, but what he's saying is 1) is experimental, 2) yes there are performance issues, and 3) things will get better. The team also blogged, at Levy's urging, with Improving, where they outline what they are trying to accomplish and how they think they are doing. Things are slated to get better, and LiveSide has learned that a performance upgrade is scheduled for within the next two weeks. Oh, and Cullen Waters says he "Gets it". Feel free to join in the discussion here, or on any of the postings above. Do you "get it" when it comes to