More Messenger updates

WLMessenger icon.gifAfter Brandon posted a few of the updates we can expect to see in the Messenger refresh, Michael Sun went and posted some screenshots of the currently internal only, April refresh build 683.

Two extra things worth noting:

– Firstly the installer now mentions Windows Live ID and features Rhapsody integration as a result of the settlement from last year with Real Networks. I'm not a big fan of Real so if anybody wants to let us know if this modifies anything within Messenger once its installed then then that would be great 🙂

– Secondly, the presence of a Windows Live Calendar (?) icon at the top of the contact list. This is currently in the place of the Windows Live Today icon when compared to earlier internal builds, but it looks far too cool to be just for that. Some of the other icons have changed too, no sign of the Windows Live Voicemail icon though.





Windows Live Messenger April Refresh | Screenshots