Office Live Developer Center

office live beta logo.jpgThe Office Live team blogged last week about some changes coming up in future versions of their products. Look for Office Live to be offering more and better developer access through Sharepoint Services 3 (WSS3), and Sharepoint Designer, the new incarnation of Front Page. This "Office Live Developer Center" will allow for wikis, blogs, and more on the Sharepoint sites, as well as allowing for offline development work to synch back in to Sharepoint, and to connect to Microsoft Access database files. Read more about the new stuff at the Office Live team blog, and Chris Beiter is blogging on his work as well.

In a related story, one that's been out for a while, Office Live will also offer a subscription version of Office Groove 2007, for $79 a year. This product will be basically identical to the Office version, with just the subscription feature being different. Marc Olson blogs about Office Live Groove here.