Microsoft announced new WP OEMs K-Touch and Blu

Today, two new phone makers K-Touch and Blu join Windows Phone OEMs camp. Microsoft announced these two OEM partners at the Qualcomm Reference Design and Wireless Innovation Summit in China.


K-Touch is reportly one of the largest OEM and ODM in China. And Blu is a Florida phone maker which designs and manufacturers affordable mobile devices mostly to Latin America.

Additionally, Longcheer, one of the new WP OEMs announced back at MWC, demoed its two new Windows Phone 8.1 phones which are based on Qualcomm Reference Design. (It is sad that the screen Longcheer showed was based on Android UI. )


Microsoft already announced 9 new WP OEMs at MWC and 2 new OEMs at Build this year. And the total number of WP OEMs now has been raised to 17. Most of them might not be familiar to you, but they are important partners for Microsoft to bring Windows Phone to new and emerging markets. (via LiveSino, Qualcomm )