Bing Video updates coming, or here already?

A blog post this morning on the Bing Search blog, perhaps a bit prematurely as the post has disappeared, announced a number of improvements to Bing Video, including larger and more informative previews in the search results page, infinite scroll for videos, related content, a larger video viewer and filmstrip, and more.  The post is available through RSS feeds and a cached page on Bing, and we’re expecting that the new features just aren’t quite ready to be announced yet, although the video previews and infinite scroll are working here:

madonna scroll

You can see how the most common search results show up as a row along the top, similar to how it works on Bing Image Search, which along with the infinite scroll, is a welcome addition.

The search result video previews offer a larger preview, and include embedded video length time-stamps and larger icons:

bing video 1

On, there’s now a video filmstrip, showing similar videos to the one you’re watching:

We’ve added a video filmstrip, so now after you are done watching the current video, you can see similar videos that you might find interesting in one easy-to-find strip at the top of the screen. You may also notice that we have enlarged the video playing area so you can watch the footage in the full glory it was intended.

While we’re seeing some of the features, like infinite scroll above, we’re still getting the “old” page, which may be why the post was pulled:

bing video old

Here’s what the new experience will look like, for comparison:

bing video 4

Note the “Trending Video Searches” along the bottom, we’ve also noticed some “trending” results in the search results pages (although we’re not seeing them now) for general searches, have you?

Are you getting the full Bing Videos experience?  And yes, the (now pulled) post calls this a “Global Update” (for all the countries that currently support Bing Video), so for once this won’t be a US only launch!