“Cool stuff coming soon” to Bing?

While marketing tactics like the Bing Holiday Calendar are all well and good, we’re waiting for something a bit more substantial, and it looks like we might not have to wait long.

According to a tweet by RK Johnston, a Test Manager for Bing Shopping, and author of “How We Test Software at Microsoft” is apparently at a Bing “all hands” meeting and indeed seeing some “cool stuff coming soon”:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/RKJohnston/status/142673326408601600″]

While Bing has continued to hold market share recently, it hasn’t made much progress in catching up to Google, and uncertainty around a possible sale of Yahoo!, with which Bing has a partnership and provides much of the US search market share for Bing, needs to continue to push on the market leader.

Microsoft is said to be part of an effort to buy a minority stake of Yahoo!, but Chinese company Alibaba (of which Yahoo! owns a 40% share) is looking to buy Yahoo! outright, according to reports.  If that happens, there could be some uncertainty with a continued Bing/Yahoo! partnership, and indeed the word is that Microsoft is mainly interested in investing in Yahoo! in order to keep the alliance in order.

What kind of cool new stuff are you expecting for Bing?