Windows Phone “Tango1”, “Tango2”, and “Apollo” confirmed

Windows Phone TangoThe release of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” is imminent, rumored to be made available to existing users sometime this week. News is already leaking out from Microsoft about the upcoming Windows Phone OS updates. First up, Mary Jo Foley spotted a Microsoft job advertisement pointing to the upcoming Windows Phone update codenames:

Launch readiness for account within region of responsibility (e.g. Mango, Tango1, Tango2, Apollo, etc.)

This officially confirms previous rumors indicating that there will be two Tango updates. Mary Jo Foley’s sources said that the Tango updates will be “all about Nokia” and “focused on hitting the lower-price point for Windows Phones that Microsoft and Nokia execs have been promising.” According to MJF, Tango1 will aim to “further broaden the markets addressed by Windows Phone 7 by adding additional language support”, much like Mango did. Tango2 will be “targeted at low-cost devices and include fixes and new features, as well as services and language support for markets that still won’t have been addressed after the Tango1 release.”

Now what about Apollo, said to be the codename for Windows Phone 8? Details were leaked recently (via WMPU) via a resume of an intern who worked on the Windows Phone team for 4-5 weeks, which mentioned the following:

Design and development of new features for Windows Phone-8. Implemented the ‘Voice-Compose’ (STT) and the ‘Read-Aloud’ (TTS) features for native email-clients.

Interestingly enough, this is consistent with a previous leak from a Microsoft Research video which showed upcoming Windows Phone features on an unwiped whiteboard (thanks WMPU!), which said that “Voice Typing” will be coming to Apollo. Let’s hope there will be more news coming soon!