Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update coming next week?

Windows Phone MangoThe next major update for Windows Phone, codenamed “Mango”, was released to manufacturers (RTM) towards the end of July, carrying the build number 7720. Since then, three new Windows Phone 7.5 devices – the Fujitsu IS12T, HTC TITAN, and HTC Radar – had been announced, with many more to come. Today on the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk mentioned that the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update will be made available to existing Windows Phone users as soon as next week. Here’s a transcript of the podcast, at around the 34:24s mark:

Next week is going to be a big week for Windows Phone. We have been told by various sources that Mango will be dropping, and the final tools will be dropping for developers. So that would be interesting and something to look forward to.

The Windows Phone Dev Podcast guys had been pretty accurate with their information previously, being the first to leak screenshots of the “Mango” update as well as correctly predicting the availability dates for the Mango developer betas. This news also seems to coincide nicely with previous clues from WPCentral pointing to a September 15 release date. According to WPCentral, a well-known commercial software company which develops apps for Windows Phone claimed that “the Mango [update] is delayed until September 15”. Support representatives from HTC also mentioned that the Mango update will likely be made available for existing customers “during September”. So, with the BUILD conference starting next Tuesday, it looks to be a huge week next week!

(Thanks to WMPU for the heads up!)