Windows Live SkyDrive Wave 5 to get devices integration soon

SkyDriveThe Windows Live team only recently updated SkyDrive to Wave 5 with a full UI revamp, new features, and performance improvements, and it seems like they’re only just getting started with a series of updates to come. Just last week from a Microsoft job posting we learnt that SkyDrive client applications for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac and Android are currently in development. LiveSide has now learnt that Microsoft has even more grand plans for Windows Live SkyDrive, and one of the new features coming soon to SkyDrive is devices integration.

Based on our information, SkyDrive will soon allow you to access and view files synced from each device via a single user interface on Devices added to Windows Live will show up under a “Devices” section in the SkyDrive navigation panel (right below “Groups”), providing a single consistent interface to access all files stored on the cloud. We’re yet to find out whether this means each device added to Windows Live will be able to use the free 25GB of storage of SkyDrve, or still uses the 5GB “SkyDrive synced storage” for Windows Live Mesh. However, it does give us hope that the cloud storage system used for Windows Live Mesh with the one used SkyDrive might be merged sometime soon.

This information is consistent with previous comments from Mike Torres, Group Program Manager for SkyDrive Devices and Roaming, who acknowledged that features such as Windows Live Mesh integration are “top asks” for SkyDrive and that they are currently “hard at work on SkyDrive as we speak”. In fact, LiveSide understand that there are more big changes underway, addressing more of the “top asks” for SkyDrive from the wider community. So be sure and stay tuned at LiveSide as we bring you more news on SkyDrive and the rest of Windows Live. In the mean time, do let us know what are some of the “top asks” you have for Windows Live SkyDrive in the comments below!