Windows Phone ads land Brandon Foy a job at Microsoft

Remember back in February, when Brandon Foy’s Windows Phone ad concept video went viral?  For a quick refresher, here’s the video:


We liked it a lot, and so did some folks at Windows Phone, who brought Brandon to Mix 2011 in Las Vegas, where he debuted a second video.  This time, Windows Phone promised that if the video captured 200,000 views, they would turn it into a national ad spot.

Well, the ad didn’t quite make it (it’s been seen over 108,000 times), but looks like Brandon still came out ok on the deal, as today he tweeted that it was his first day as a UX Designer at Microsoft!

[blackbirdpie url=”!/brandonfoy/status/98187909269696512″]

Glad to see that a talented young designer is getting his due, congrats Brandon, and congrats to Microsoft on a great hire!