Updated build of Windows Phone “Mango” now supports music streaming from SkyDrive

Microsoft just released Build 7712 of Windows Phone “Mango” to developers earlier today, and quite a few changes were noticed in this build since the “Beta 2” build released just over a month ago. Manan Kakkar from BeingManan.com (via WMPU) noticed that one of the new features in Build 7712 is the ability to playback music files from SkyDrive. Check out his video below:


We previously speculated that music streaming from SkyDrive would be supported in Windows Phone “Mango”. However, not long afterwards, Mike Torres outright denied this claim, saying that “the Office hub won’t stream your MP3s.” The rumor about the ability to stream music from SkyDrive was further denied when Microsoft released the “Beta 2” build last month, with music playback from SkyDrive being unsupported in that build (as seen in Manan’s video above). However, now it seems like our speculation was correct, but Mike Torres technically wasn’t wrong either. As seen in the video, clicking on a MP3 file stored on SkyDrive within the Office hub will bring you to the mobile web version of SkyDrive within Internet Explorer Mobile. When you tap on the MP3 file on there, the Zune music player will then playback the file.

This obviously isn’t the optimal way of actually streaming music from SkyDrive, but at least playback is now supported. We certainly hope Microsoft further refines this feature, and possibly integrate this within the Music+Video hub. What do you think? Would you like to have this feature? Let us know in the comments below.