Microsoft talks more about Twitter integration on Windows Phone “Mango”

We reported a few weeks ago that Microsoft had been testing Twitter integration on Windows Phone “Mango” and Windows Live internally. Today, the Windows Phone team posted several new videos on their YouTube account, with various program managers talking about the new features that they had been working on in Windows Phone “Mango”. One of which is from Stuart Bottom, Program Manager at the Communications Group on Windows Phone, who talked about social notifications and filtering in the People Hub within the new Windows Phone OS. In particular, Stuart worked on the Twitter and LinkedIn integration, and talks about how his team designed it so that you can easily cut out the clutter to find the social feeds you care the most about. Check out the short video below:


One of the new feature mentioned in the video, social filtering, was rarely mentioned in various reviews on Windows Phone “Mango”. However, we believe it will be one of the most useful features once users start connecting Twitter to their Windows Phone and Windows Live accounts. As mentioned by Stuart, your social feeds might become really “noisy” when you follow dozens of people on Twitter, and social filtering will let you choose which network you’d like to see updates from. We think this combined with the new groups feature will really help you finding the social feeds you really care about.

Stuart also talked about the notifications feature. With Mango, you no longer have to go into the Facebook app to view your Facebook notifications – all you need to do is tap on the “Me” tile, and your notifications are just one swipe away. Not only does this show your Windows Live and Facebook notifications, but it’ll show notifications from Twitter as well, and as seen in the video you’ll see notifications when someone had mentioned you in a tweet. As speculated previously, Stuart also confirmed in the video that you’ll be able to  re-tweet and reply to tweets directly on your Windows Phone.

You can also check out other Windows Phone videos by going to the Windows Phone team’s YouTube channel.