Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace to shut down, MyPhone moving to SkyDrive

In an email to Windows Mobile 6.x users today, Microsoft revealed that they will be shutting down the MyPhone service, and beginning to move current Windows Mobile 6.x MyPhone content to SkyDrive, beginning August 7, 2011. Here’s a portion of that email:

Windows Marketplace for Mobile Web Site To Be Discontinued
The Windows Marketplace for Mobile web site at will no longer be available starting on July 15, 2011. After July 15, 2011, you will no longer be able to browse, buy or download applications for Windows Mobile 6.x phones via the Windows Marketplace for Mobile web site.

The Windows Marketplace for Mobile service will continue to be available on your phone, however. You will continue to be able to browse, buy and download applications for Windows Mobile 6.x on your phone.

My Phone To Be Discontinued
On August 7, 2011, the My Phone service will stop saving content from phones to the My Phone service. If you rely on the My Phone service to back-up the content on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone, you will be affected.

Starting on August 7, 2011, Microsoft will begin moving your My Phone content to Windows Live SkyDrive. SkyDrive is Microsoft’s free online storage service that helps you access and share your files such as photos and Microsoft Office documents. Contacts, calendar entries, text messages and photos will be moved to SkyDrive for you. Once moved, you will be able to access this content by logging into SkyDrive using the Windows Live ID that you used to register for the My Phone service.

Other content types, including videos, music, documents and favorites will not be moved from My Phone to SkyDrive for you. If you want this content, you must save it from the My Phone service to your local PC.

The MyPhone website, at will be shut down on October 6, 2011, but Microsoft will store content from MyPhone for one year, making a physical copy available upon request.
Microsoft has posted a Knowledge Base article on the changes