Bing brings Price Predictors to the search box

Bing already provides quick price predictions for some major US markets using its Farecast technology, but today they’re introducing an even faster way to get predictions and quick flight cost information, this time right from within the search bar:


As you can see, you don’t have to type in an airport code, or even the full name of the city, the search box will bring up travel price predictions based on natural language queries (you can type in “fly to, flights, etc.).  We tried and it even works in the Bing Bar (although with a bit of an image problem with the arrow predictor):


We expect that this will be a good way to introduce Price Predictors and Bing Travel to more Bing users, and is certainly the quickest way available to check on the latest airfare prices.  You can read more on the Bing Search blog post (a bit of a problem with the images currently, you need to sign in to Windows Live to see them, they’re working on it, according to comments made on an earlier post).